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For Stress Release & Body-Stored Emotions

Mindfulness & Movement

Hi, I’m Leela 🌻 

I am a Mindfulness & Movement Coach + Integral Yoga Teacher specializing in

Self-Care & Joy Maintenance

Yoga for Stress Management

Mindfulness for Depression & Anxiety

Mindful Grief Movement

Aside from 1:1 Coaching, I also teach Integral Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga in Corporate settings, and

run in-person Women's Circles/Workshops in Vancouver, BC.

I have also been working as a professional Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist for the last 11+ years.

Creativity, authenticity and deep connections are the driving forces behind everything I do.

I believe in being as open as possible when working with clients, leaving no veils of secrecy or mysticism.

I am a firm believer that support works best when a guide is able to meet a student

exactly where they are, without any judgement or force.


My goal is to offer simple, guided Mindfulness/Breathing/Movement practices in a supportive, healing space.

These techniques are designed to help you feel into whatever emotions are being stored in your body and ultimately

release them. For me, it is an incredible honour to bear witness to the transformation my clients make as they

learn how to fully step into their power.


Side effects of sessions may include resilience, inner strength, self-confidence and an immense

outpouring of love for themselves and the world around them.

For more info about what I offer, or about my trainings & certifications, click the "About Me" button below.

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