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Holistic Death Doula + Grief Support

I understand that the end of life is a profound and deeply personal journey. My mission is to provide you and your loved ones with compassionate, holistic, and unwavering support during this sacred time. Before, during and long after a death. Packages are specially designed for each unique situation.

Note: Holistic Grief Coaching is available for all types of grief and is not specific to a death.


(Grief may be due to any number of factors such as a difficult divorce, miscarriage, loss of job, death of a beloved pet, change in quality of life, chronic illness, anticipatory grief due to Dementia, stroke, Alzheimer's disease or any other reasons. Can be due to a recent event or something

that occurred years/decades ago. There are no rules for grieving.)

"Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing.

Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming.

All we can do is learn to swim."

- Vicki Harrison

Vancouver Death Doula | Grief Support | Leela Holt | Mind Full Lee

Holistic Grief Coaching:​​

At the core of my services is Holistic Grief Coaching, a transformative path to healing. I use mindfulness and movement exercises to help you access and process the emotions stored within your body.


In a supportive space, we explore breathwork, meditation, and gentle Chair Yoga exercises to navigate a wide range of grief-related emotions, including anger, sadness, guilt, regret, joy, confusion, and more.

Additionally, I provide expert guidance on establishing a home mindfulness practice, which may include techniques like mindful journaling, integrating movements with the breath, meditation, and breathwork. This empowers you to independently nurture your emotional well-being with self-love and acceptance as the guiding principles.

Vancouver Death Doula | Grief Support | Leela Holt | Mind Full Lee

End-of-Life Planning:

I understand the importance of preserving your autonomy and ensuring that your wishes, values, and cultural beliefs are respected.  That is why I am dedicated to helping you create personalized end-of-life plans that align with your desires, ensuring a dignified and meaningful transition when the time comes.


I provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout this crucial process, allowing you to make informed decisions about your future care and legacy.

Vancouver Death Doula | Grief Support | Leela Holt | Mind Full Lee

Rituals and Ceremonies:

Rituals and ceremonies hold the power to provide closure, healing, and deep acknowledgment of life's transitions.

Co-creating the experience empowers you to design something extremely meaningful to honour your life or the life of your loved one.


These ceremonies can be performed both before or long after the person's passing, allowing you to commemorate life's significant moments, find closure, and express your love and appreciation.


Rituals and ceremonies are also not limited to end-of-life events; they can also be tailored to address other life transitions, such as letting go after a divorce or coping with other major life changes unrelated to death.

Vancouver Death Doula | Grief Support | Leela Holt | Mind Full Lee

Legacy Projects:

Preserving your (or your person's) life story and wisdom for future generations is a profound act of love and remembrance.


Through a variety of creative outlets, such as letters, writing, art projects, songwriting or other musical outlets, we can create an enduring legacy that reflects your personality, experiences, and values.

As a lifelong singer, guitarist and ukulelist,

I love helping to create musical projects that reflect on someone's journey.

Vancouver Death Doula | Grief Support | Leela Holt | Mind Full Lee

Family and Caregiver
Planning & Support:

Navigating the challenges of caregiving and grief can be emotionally taxing for family members and caregivers. My Family and Caregiver Planning & Support service is

here to help you navigate these difficult situations.


I provide guidance and support to family members and caregivers, helping to clarify roles, facilitate understanding, and mitigate potential conflicts.


My aim is to ensure that each person involved feels heard, supported, and understood, fostering harmonious relationships during challenging times.

My commitment is to offer unwavering support in a judgment-free environment. 

Vancouver Death Doula | Grief Support | Leela Holt | Mind Full Lee

After Death Projects, Ceremonies & Support:

Even after your person has long passed, there are still several ways to honour their life. We can work together to develop creative projects, ceremonies, and memorials that celebrate your loved one's legacy and provide you with emotional support throughout the grieving process.


Your person's memory can continue to shine brightly. I am here to help you carry their legacy forward, ensuring you never feel alone on your journey of remembrance.

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