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Develop a stronger, more consistent sense of peace, resilience, self-acceptance and patience. Using guided mindfulness practices to tap into what areas are lacking/being neglected.

Working within the body's limitations to access deeper into the "numbness" caused by chronic depression. For anxiety support- mindfulness practices are used to calm the body, feel into activations and develop a stronger sense of peace.

Stress is the leading cause of employees' taking sick days & sick leave. Teaching staff simple, short & effective practices to release stress at work can help reduce the need for time off.

Reduce chronic stress, cope with stress as it arises and develop resilience for future difficulty through simple practices. Better understand the autonomic nervous system and how to counter the "stress response".

A supportive, non-judgmental space for any/all emotions to be felt and/or released through movement, breathwork and mindfulness exercises.

I offer various types of in-person & online workshops.

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