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Corporate & Chair Yoga

Are you looking to improve the well-being and productivity of your employees?

By bringing Mindfulness & Stress Management Workshops into your office, you can provide your team with simple and healthy ways to reduce stress, become more present and potentially reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

This is extremely important because chronic stress is one of the leading

causes of all illnesses and diseases. Therefore, stress significantly

contributes to employees' time off requirements, sick leave,

and mental health leave.

Additional benefits for your employees may include:


  • Better focus and productivity

  • Clearer/ sharper cognitive functions

  • Feelings of resilience and happiness when facing difficult situations

  • Reduction in headaches

  • Reduction in physical discomfort or pain

  • Feeling less distracted by physical, mental and emotional issues

  • Better digestion

  • A stronger immune system to fight off colds/ viruses

  • Overall better mental & emotional health through attitude shifts


Research tells us that chronic stress (as well as trauma) does not actually come from experiencing difficult events. The determining factor is how an individual is able to respond to/view the events.


Further studies are also now showing that people who experienced trauma during their developing years are likely to have a much harder time dealing with stress as an adult. Seemingly small events (such as being assigned a last-minute project or feeling the pressure of an upcoming deadline) can cause significant mental and emotional difficulty for someone unaware of their stress-related triggers.

Each company is different. That is why I design each workshop specifically for the wants and needs of your company.


What I offer is a tailored mix of the following:

  • Chair Yoga: A sequence of yoga poses adapted to be done from a chair/ standing position instead of from a yoga mat. These are easy stretches that can be done at any time in the office to quickly help reduce stress.

  • Guided Meditation & Mindfulness Practices: Short, guided meditations/ yoga nidra. Practices may include visual imagery to help calm the mind and body.

  • Breathwork: Simple yet effective breathing exercises. Some exercises create balance within the nervous system, some help calm the body, while others energize and stimulate.

  • Learning/Information: Short talks explaining what stress is, how to reduce it and why these practices are effective. Additional info may include how the autonomic nervous system affects the body and mind, a resilient attitude and how to increase mental clarity.

  • Movements with Breath: Short, guided movements aimed at releasing various emotions. Each movement is combined with the breath as well as with a specific intention.

  • Additional Option: Gentle Hatha Yoga Classes on a yoga mat. Authentic asana-focused yoga practice incorporating breathwork and guided meditation.


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